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We are a family-owned engineering company that was founded in 1995, we started with production as three family members, and have gradually increased our production capacities over time, we completed construction of our own production facilities and the purchase of new machinery and technology (CNC machines).


We offer our customers offer many years of experience secured by delivering quality product processing and reliably meeting agreed deadlines. There are many customers who are satisfied with our work, some of whom we have cooperated with for more than 15 years.

We have long cooperated with customers on the domestic market and cooperate with customers from the USA, Austria, and Germany in the automotive, electrical, food, and chemical industries.


Currently our company employs approximately 50 employees. The company’s production activity is mainly focused on the processing and manufacture of stainless steel, steel, and aluminium products. Our production program primarily involves custom production of various types of welded structures for electrical switchboard enclosures, tanks, machine frames, and piece and serial production of milled, turned, and drilled parts.