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About us

We are a family-owned engineering company that was founded in 1995, we started with production as three family members, and have gradually increased our production capacities over time, we completed construction of our own production facilities and the purchase of new machinery and technology (CNC machines).

We are experienced

25 years of engineering experience

Our emphasis is on quality

quality and professional products

quality control performed on all parts we produce

We are responsible

our priority is meeting defined production deadlines and the timely delivery of products to our customer

We are ready to help you

we quickly respond to requests (quotations) from potential customer

Material separation

cutting of rod materials using band saws

CNC plasma cutting

max. material dimensions 2000×4000 mm,
max. material thickness: steel 30 mm, stainless steel 20 mm

CNC bending

max. product length 3000 mm

Chip machining

CNC turning, CNC milling, also drilling and machining workpieces on classic (manual) machines


welding using MIG / MAG, TIG, PULSE in CO2, argon, mixed protective atmosphere


blasting box measuring 3 x 6 m, steel shot, max. product weight 1.5 t


painting box measuring 4 x 7 m